Renee + Charles – Hilton

Renee and Charles’ wedding was a match truly made in heaven.  Planning and Coordination was lead by our very own planner/coordinator, Laci Banks-Walker and we hit a homerun with the design and decor of their wedding. Charles and Renee tied the knot in a beautifully spiritual ceremony.  Enjoy the images from their special day and their review of our services below:

“I am beyond PLEASED!!!! My wedding was nothing less than a dream come true. I felt like a princess in my own little world and was happy to share with family and friends. You, Your Team did an excellent job. I am beyond Amazed at what I saw when the doors opened. We were so focused on planning the reception, we did not imagine the ceremony to be as beautiful, intimate, cozy as it was. I am so happy that you guys decided to serve us (as Charles can be difficult:)!!! I do not think you could have done anything different to make it any better. My only complaint is that with all the planning – I was not ready for my night to end!!!”
Thanks Again for Everything
Renee Blakey-Bunn